101BestTips book's make a great gift.  They cover such a wide range of interests and there is normally an eBook to interest most people.

As they are online books the price is highly affordable and many people quickly get back the price of purchase many times over through adopting and using tip’s that work for them.

When you give the gift of a 101BestTips eBook you can include a personalised message to email along with the gift voucher to the recipient.  The person receiving the gift voucher can then redeem this for any 101BestTips eBook of their choice.

Once downloaded the book can reside on their hard drive or can be view online for future reference. Sections can optionally be printed into hard copy format but one of the purposes of eBooks is to be green and save trees through eliminating paper.

Redeeming Gift Vouchers

To redeem a gift voucher, just select any 101BestTips book, proceed to check out then input your code where specified.