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Larry Robbins is a Justice of the Peace for New Zealand and an experienced wedding celebrant.

For a 12 year period before retiring, he was a Marriage Celebrant. After  seeing over 140 couples down the aisle there is not much about weddings that Larry hasn’t seen or experienced. He has married couples over this time in venues ranging from beaches to boats, churches to conference centres.

His broad experience in working with couples to give them the wedding day they planned and desired  has been brought to bear in this very useful tip book.

Sample tips

  • From the outset, make a 3W list of things to be done – What, When, and by Whom. There are some good wedding planning lists freely available on the internet which you can use as a template.

  • Post all your invitations at the same time, not as they are prepared. This avoids any offence which may be caused if one person receives their invitation before someone else.
  • Weddings can be extremely stressful for all concerned. On the day take deep breaths and ‘go with the flow’. There is probably little else you can do at this point anyway!
  • Ensure that butterflies or doves will be released at least an hour before sunset, and do not plan to release butterflies indoors.
    Check! Is the photographer a qualified member of a national photographers’ organisation?