Travelling to New Zealand


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Mark Hockly has been a professional tour guide for many years. A Kiwi, he has had extensive tour guiding experience in Europe and today operates his own meet and greet and touring company, Perfect Host, as well as owning a bed and breakfast lodge in the beautiful Bay of Islands.

Mark is a very experienced traveller and after hosting thousands
of visitors over many years has an excellent understanding of visitor needs. This makes him ideally placed to write a tip book for visitors to New Zealand, his favourite destination,

Sample tips

  • NZ weather is extremely variable all year around and can change dramatically from day to day, even from morning to night. A top quality, warm, lightweight, outdoors style waterproof jacket and thermal tee-shirt should be first on your clothing list.
  • NZ’s agriculture industry is a big part of the economy and biosecurity control on arrival in the country  is stringent. Declare ANY and ALL food and plant items, animal products, sporting footwear, camping equipment etc, it will save you time, hassle and possible fines.
  • Use international phone cards purchased from dairies and convenience stores for calls. Note most cards use a higher per-minute rate than shown when used from a public phone box. Ask the retailer for the best card for your needs eg local calls, national calls, international calls.
  • Go outside the main cities, tourist areas and city centres for better value and the more important benefit is you get to see the NZ we are known for and meet and interact with the locals in a more relaxed environment. Its the people you meet who you will remember long after the sights are forgotten.