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Greg Honeyman’s lifelong interest in scrapbooking dates back to his mother preparing “baby books” for himself and his brother.

Later in his successful career as a graphics designer and advertising agency owner  he started scrapbooking as he researched his own extended family history. He also operated, along with his wife Lynn, a specialist Melbourne based scrapbooking store.

Greg who is a very skilled designer has also created his own range of unique scrapbooking background papers many with an Australasian theme.

Sample tips

  • Tell Your Story – Plan Your Story. A scrapbooking album isn’t just a collection of random pages. It is an opportunity to develop a theme, and will work best if you plan ahead. Whether it is a baby album which grows with your baby in real time, or the story of grandpa in the war, planning ahead will help determine the presentation style, the look, and how you prepare the content and narrative that accompanies the story.
  • Pick a Theme based on your photos, usually an idea for a theme becomes instantly apparent. It could be a colour, or it could be a seasonal theme. Whatever it is, have a think about how you might want to express this visually. Plan ahead – don’t barge in without planning or it will cause problems later on.
  • Heritage Photographs.  Often very old photos are mounted on card. Usually they were mounted using a heat press and a drymounting technique which is permanent. Old photos are notoriously dry and brittle, and if you try to remove them from the backing there is a strong probability that you will destroy them. Either use them complete with the backing (and try to make this a ‘feature’) or copy them and use the prints. Always store old photographs flat, and in a dry acid-free atmosphere.
    Find a Focal Point.Think like an artist or a professional photographer, and work out where you want the eye to rest on the page. You may prefer to sketch the page up to see where your elements are going to fit on each page, or you may simply position your chosen photos and work out where the text (the Journal Block) is going to go.
  • Digital Cameras and Scanning.  Your computer should become your best scrapbooking friend. Digital camera technology is incredible, and the ability to scan images and use all the graphics tools available has opened up the scope for scrapbooking enormously.