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This book of excellent practical tips has been written by Miles Cardale who has spent the last 25 years as a retailer.

Working his way up from the shop floor (where even today he spends much of his time) to becoming buyer for a major group before being appointed CEO of a well known national chain and then to moving on to found his own chain of retail stationery shops.

Miles really knows retail and he shares his hard won experience in this Retail Tip book. He is a strong believer in customer service , ensuring staff are motivated  and that systems are in place to reduce shrinkage, control stock and that stock is displayed to best effect.

Within Miles’ 101 tips there are bound to be tips and ideas to save any retailer time, money and mistakes.

Sample tips

  • Approach as many customers as you can in the shop with a greeting(Good Morning or similar) and a quick question. (Are you looking for anything) Keep walking and don’t hang around them unless they ask questions.
  • $5 or less is what most people can spend without any great concern. Put small waist high displays on corners and ends and by counters to catch their attention. Price $5 or less  plus present your best stock just below eye level. Most people walk with their heads slightly down and only see stock at this level.
  • Put your monthly budget in the tearoom. If you achieve it everyone gets a $50 note or something similar

  • If there is no organised system invoices frequently get paid twice. Invoices arrive with goods, again with statements and are emailed. Pay what you owe only!
  • On the 1st of each month buy 90% of what you sold last month. Means far less missed opportunities, and better quantity breaks. More profit!!