Presenting Your Home For Sale


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Selling a home is identified by many people as the most stressful and unpleasant experience they have ever been through.

Are you ready to make that decision?
Have you conducted sufficient research?
Have you put a viable plan and budget in place?
Do you know how to get the best return on the money you spend upgrading your property?
Do you know what to expect when your home is on the market?
How will you maximise your marketing budget?
These are all questions that many people do not consider before they make their decision to sell. Comprehensive preparation tips covering room by room, verge to backyard are available in “Preparing your Home to Sell”. However before you spend all your time and money on renovations or redecorating you must start with the correct planning and deal with the process before you deal with the product.

You ultimately want to produce a property capable of reaching its full market potential (within your budget and time frame requirements), plus you need to understand the basic sales process and the importance of presenting your property correctly to potential buyers.

Your goal should be to sell your property in the shortest possible timeframe and for the best possible financial gain – these tips are designed to reduce your stress and help you to achieve that goal.

These great tips are brought to you by the experienced team at NZ Property Presentation Network who are specialists in helping clients maximize the value of their real estate investment in their home.

Sample tips

  • If you ‘fail to plan’ then you will ‘plan to fail’ and as your home is likely to be your biggest asset, failure to plan could mean a lifetime of regret. If you have prepared your home well and your marketing plan is successful chances are you will have many visitors and viewings. Keeping your valuable and personal items safe and secure is vital. Lock away or remove these items (just placing them in a drawer may not be good enough to keep them safe from a potential open home thief).

  • Make sure that you get along well with the agent you choose. This person could be visiting your home and talking about your personal affairs for weeks or months, and it is important that you trust his or her advice, and can rely on the service they provide.
  • Position, Price and Presentation are major factors determining the ultimate sale price. You set the asking price, however the buyer ultimately determines its true value. Good presentation will attract buyers – overpriced properties attract very few buyers. Once a judgement has been made based on the original price, it is very difficult to get buyers to revisit.
  • If you are planning costly renovations, pay a licensed property valuer to confirm the existing market value of your home and to advise you what value your proposed improvements would add.
  • Pots and containers are the very best way to dress up your garden during the marketing period. They can add instant colour to brighten up a dull corner, are very useful accessories to define and control the flow around the outside of your home, can be used to disguise unattractive features such as unsightly drains or downpipes and the great thing about them is when you move you can take your plants with you.