Own Branding

This is a very popular option. We can personalize a 101BestTips publications for an individual, a company or an organization. 

This option can help:

  • Build your mailing list
  • Help quote conversion
  • Say thank you to valued customers
  • Generate new listings or enquiries
  • Build store traffic

As an example a real estate business could use the “101 best tips to sell your home” to help generate new listings. An accommodation  Lodge may chose to send their clients “101best travel tips” as a “thank you for staying with us” follow up or a fishing and tackle business might use “101 best boating tips as a store traffic generator.

We  can help build other online marketing programmes around white labeled or own branded tip books. This could include options such as customer surveys, a Google map of your location, add in a video clip, hyperlinks to your websites, photographs of staff , an enquiry or quote request form.

An excellent option is when we include your own brochure or catalogue within a 101bestips eBook . The Pontoonz boating example shown below illustrates this option.  In other words we can make your “owned” eBook highly personalised to you business and your needs.


Pontoonz sell an innovative system of floating pontoons. They have a myriad of uses , for boating, swimming, house boats, marinas, commercial marine use etc. To improve brochure requests from their advertising Pontonnz now advertise  “ask for our brochure and with our compliment’s  we will include our popular and useful “101best boating tips”

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Travelscoop are a leading Australian online travel brokerage offering their subscribers an email alert service anytime an exceptional  travel deal comes on the market. They reward customers with their branded 101 best travel tips and use it to grow their mailing list and as an additional incentive to book travel with them rather than a competitor

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