Job Seekers 101


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Andrew Harris has spent his career in the HR/Recruitment industry.

Before immigrating to New Zealand 3 years ago he worked in the HR Area of a number of large UK companies until resigning from his role as group HR director of an FTSE 250  company to start his own successful executive search and human resource consultancy based near Manchester.

Today he is the founder and a director of Blackcat Consulting Ltd an international search and selection consultancy based in New Zealand with a global client base. 

He has a first class honours degree in sociology from the University of Leeds and a post graduate diploma in personal management. Andrew is often asked to give presentations on recruitment and selection, succession planning, creating a team culture, developing talented individuals and helping companies and organisations attract, retain  and inspire the right people.

This excellent tip book is full of practical advice built up over many years of experience and will prove invaluable to anyone considering a change in career.

Sample tips

  • If moving from employed to self employed decide what your motivation is. It could be flexibility of hours, wealth generation, not being answerable to others, work life balance etc. Which apply to you and why? And how strongly do you feel it – you’ve REALLY got to want this or it won’t happen...the big tests are yet to come! Don’t let your heart rule your head. Remember this may be all of your hard earned money financing this venture. Ensure you are clear about what is at stake. Miserable people shouldn’t run bars even if they’ve always wanted to – fools and money are soon parted!

  • Finding a job is a job in itself, so get ready for some hard work!You will need to dedicate time and resources: finances, computer time, imagination, stationery, etc. Allocate a certain amount of time each day and have a budget in place for these extra expenses. You have just become the Sales Manager for ME LTD – so what’s your sales plan? Write it down just as you would with any other plan.

  • Are you sure you are looking to move for the right reason?Sometimes the grass looks greener in a new job but it may not be. Do your homework – you may be changing jobs to solve other people’s problems and not your own. As a rule of thumb – if you are changing jobs purely for more money it is not a good enough reason - better the devil you know, there is always a risk involved when you enter the job market.

  • The CV is intended to get you the interview. If you’re sending out CV’s and not getting interviews, the problem is in the CV. The CV is your main selling tool, your brochure, your shop window, your sales pitch! It must present you in the best light, be accurate yet selective, highlighting your key achievements, showcasing your talents, knowledge and experience....avoid the negatives, weaknesses and other non-relevant information that detracts from your positive approach.

  • Don’t fall at the first fence! Make sure your CV didn’t connect with the delete button or found the waste bin in record time.

    Some of the main don't's:

    Don’t include a photograph of yourself (particularly one taken on holiday)
    Don’t include a witty email address, great for friends but not for CV’s
    Don’t list controversial hobbies that can prejudice you (e.g. blood sports or even some charities. Keep them to yourself)
    Don’t ramble on or list failures (you’d be amazed!)  
    Don’t allow spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or the wrong dates