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Mike Hogan (the author)  describes himself “as a passionately average golfer who still harbours dreams of being a really, really good golfer “ (his mates all know he’s dreaming...) Mike has spent most of his career in the travel industry and has been lucky enough to play many international courses.

He has also had years of experience in organising and handling golf tours and golf events. Like so many golfers, Mike has read 100’s of articles on golf, and yet finds so many to be far too technical, confusing and just plain silly ( like “ keep 65% of your weight on the front foot” on earth  do you work that out in your head!).

There are no “magic bullets” to transform amateurs into pro’s ( if there was we all would be one!) and Mike’s 101 Golf Tips are designed  primarily for the beginner to average golfer and hopefully the tips and advice will help readers even just a little in their enjoyment of the game and improve their scoring.

Sample tips

  • Alignment. Always check you are square on to the target. If you draw an imaginary line from the tip of your back foot through to your front foot it should point directly at the target (unless trying for a fade or draw). So many of us have a closed stance (front foot further away from body than rear) and that encourages an “outside in” swing that causes both slices and duck hooks as your club head comes across the back of the ball, rather than through it.

  • When chipping, unless you are prepared to put in hours of practise, pick the club that gets the ball down onto the putting surface as quickly as possible. If a few feet off the green and plenty of distance to the hole, a 7 or 8 iron is far easier to control than a wedge…and much less likely to duff the shot.

  • If in a fairway bunker and in a bad lie….don’t try a “Hail Mary” shot with a long iron or wood. Make getting out of the bunker your prime focus so use your wedge or sand iron, get it back in play and move on. If in a dreaded pot bunker….playing out backwards or sideways can often be the safest option.

  • I actually don’t agree with the old saying “Never up never in”... for pro’s maybe, but for many an amateur a lagged putt guaranteeing a 2 putt green is a heck of a lot better than having to face a nervous 3-4’ return putt. How many times have we seen a birdy putt slide past agonisingly close to the hole….and then we miss the return 3 footer!

  • If in doubt on any rule….never sign your card until you get a ruling from the club or referee After the game…always shake hands, and it is a nice touch that the tradition of golf dictates you remove your hat when doing so. No idea why, but it just is!